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What In the Cat is going on?

On one Catsummer June, Cattle went on vacation on Saturdays. Then every dog execpt Cattle said What In the Cat is going on? They kept saying it over and over agin and again. Then, BOOM! Supercats laned. "Achoo!"went Cattle. Here's a Supercat you know. Having Supercat luck and has many cat powers is: Super Meowski. Having Supercat Karate is:Karat. Scattering petals all over is: WingaVioleta. Scattering REVERSE orbs is: DaxDouble. "Team, Let's do this."said Super Meowski. To be continued...

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I read Cat Problems by Jory Jones & Lane Smith. In my opinion, I think this book is funny because he says to the sunbeam, "HEY! SUNBEAM! GET BACK HERE!" He's funny because he gets dry food but he says

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