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Time to go, Meowski. We've got a lot of shopping to do. Meowski and Cattle get into the car. Meowski got in the passenger seat because she liked being the passenger. Cattle started the car and the car zoomed off when Cattle increased the car drive speed. Finally Cattle entered the Mall's parking lot. Cattle parked in parking lot 22. Cattle and Meowski got out of the car and went inside the mall. Meowski would always take a purse and carry a list with her. When Cattle and Meowski got out of the mall, they loaded the car and got in the car and backed out of parking lot 22 and Cattle said: "Where do you want to eat, Meowski?" Meowski said "Dogcat Diner." They went into Dogcat Diner. Meowski and Cattle ate and rushed to the car. Cattle and Meowski were home. The End.🚗🟨 🟫⬛🟥🟧⬜🟪🟩

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