The Sailing Meow Pirates

"Come on, you lazy meow Pirates!" said Meow Pirate Leader Meowski. "We need to find treasure"! said Meowski. "Okay, Meowski."said Cottoncat. Whoop! They used a treasure scanner. "Hmm...I think there is gold, silver, rubies, diamonds and pearls."said Slivercat. "Nice job, Meow Pirates."said Meowski. "Hmm...Let's Go!" said HiHeyHo. They sailed toward the island. They found rubies, diamonds, pearls, silver and gold. "MEOW! LET'S GO!" said MeowCottonCat. "Meow Pirates, our name wil be changed to The Official Meow Pirates Purr!" said Meowski. "Let's Go!" said GolfGo.

Who even found treasure is still a mystrey.

To be continued...

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