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The Busy Horse By Mimi Ruff (Pt. 1)

It was a new day. The Busy Horse woke up and saw this: He was sleeping in Lalleta's trailer! The Busy Horse said with joy: "It's a new day! I am so excited! Lalleta, wake up! It's a new day!" Lalleta woke up and said: "Oh boy!" The Busy Horse and Lalleta went inside the mall. As they were walking Lalleta & The Busy Horse said the same idea in excitement: "This will be so fun!" Lalleta recomended the jewelry shop first. The Busy Horse recomended the clothing shop first. Then The Busy Horse went into the clothing shop and Lalleta went into the jewelry shop. They both paid when they were done shopping at the stores in the mall. Then they both went to the Jean Shop. The Busy Horse said: "This double jean fabric layered jeans for male horses could work." Lalleta said: "These triple fabric layered jeans could work for female horses." They both paid and went to the car. 4 hours later.... it was sunset. The Busy Horse said: "Let's get dinner." To Be Horsed... #TheBusyHorse


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