Super Meowski VS. Hawk Moth Challenge (Part 2) The Competition Begins.

Newsman: "Today we see a Power Bolt Storm today. That might be from Super Meowski's powers." Level 1. Who is smarter? Hawk Moth or Super Meowski? Write in the comments who you think will win. "A-ha! Brain Spark!" Super Meowski says: "Meow!" "Not for long,Super Meowski.",said Hawk Moth. Super Meowski and her team made a plan. "Friendship Power!" Meowski won! Because of Meowski's brain spark, it stopped Hawk Moth. Level 2. Super Meowski and her team: 1 win. Hawk Moth: 0 wins. "Super Cat Pow!" "Ouch!" - 30 akumas. Level 3. Super Meowski and her Team: 2 wins. Hawk Moth: - 30 akumas and 0 wins. "Super Cat Punch!" "Ouch!" - 1000 akumas. Loser: Hawk Moth. Winner: Meowski and her team. Meowski and her team are moving to the semi-finals. The End.

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