Moving Day!!!!!!!!!!!! (Part 2 The car is started)

Updated: Jan 22

Meowski woke up when she heard her Cat Clock ring. She said: "How many suitcases are left to pack?" Cattle said: "Two suitcases left. I think." " Uh Meowski, can you hand me all our PJ's and clothes and stuff?" "Oh hi Timber!" "Meowski and I are packing and I just wanted to let you know we'll be leaving shortly." Call Ashleash to let her know we're going to be leaving shortly. Okay Cattle. See you shortly! "What a noise that's disturbing my work!" "Oh hi Timber! Is there a firework show?" "Actually, I've got some good news and bad news." "The good news is we have the door locked. There will be something sad today." "And that's the bad news. Meowski and Cattle are leaving shortly." "Oh my! I could hug and kiss Cattle and Meowski goodbye." That would be great! A few minutes later...

"Goodbye." Meowski and Cattle jumped into their car and zoomed off. " Did you see that? Yes I did honey. They were at their house and put everything into place.

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