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Meowski ***Mulligan Adventure*** "MEOWSKI, MMM GOOD!"


We went to the Mulligan because I wanted to get outside after all the snowy days. I would have friends coming at 2:20. Carrie was at work at the Mulligan already. I know Carrie very well. She has been there since I was 2 years old. I love Carrie! She is so nice! Ryder and the pups were coming. I saw Carrie and Mommy took a picture of us together. New pepole moved into Rowell Ct. We met with the pepole sitting at the next table right by us with 2 very nice homeschool girls, 8 and 9 years old.

My friends came to our table. Chase is a police pup. Marshall is a firefighter dog. Skye is a pup who flies a helicopter. All six pups come from The Adventure Bay Lookout! Marshall does amazing rescues! I have a PAW patrol DVD case and the DVD is Pups Chase A Mystery. Ryder is the Leader of PAW Patrol. The My little ponies were coming too! I have a lot of pets and I need your help!

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