Meowski and the CatSkyScraper

On a sunny day, Meowski's cat Construction crew was busy. The sign said: Construction Cats Only. Cattle and her friends drove past and never went into a construction site. "Get to work,cats."said Meowski. The crane was picking up bricks while Butterscotch was laying concrete tiles and putting them together. "Really heavy concrete tile."said Butterscotch. "Looking good."said Meowski. "Meowski! One of the tiles is really heavy!"said Butterscotch. Meowski and Butterscotch lifted the heavy tile and laid it and attached it. "Oh no. The motor on the dump truck is no good."saidClubCotton. "I need to dial 345-675-DOGMECHANICS!"saidClubCotton. "This is Dog Mechanics. How can we help?"said Dog Mechanics owner Cattle. To be continued...

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