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Chase to Skye to Rocky to Cattle

Good morning Ryder! I have a new Pup Tag. One of the dogs dropped it. I smell multi colored fur! So let's play Fetch! Yes! I should become a pup. Click! I heard something! Wow! My new vehicle! Cattle! Yip yip hooray! I heard something! Yay! I love this wild animal keeper cruiser! Come on, Chase! Oh yeah! There's Mayor Humdinger! I wonder if he knows where Ryder is! I know he's with Jake but needs to be rescued! We've gotta save him! Meanwhile on the mountain, Jake tried to get him. Attention everyone! Stay out of the way! Skye, do you think you can save Ryder? Yip! Safety helicopter! Chase, do you think you can get Ryder's attention?

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